2018 AGM Minutes

Minutes from 2018 Annual General Meeting: Link

2018 AGM Announcement and Info

Hello Gardeners

Well, spring is on its way!  Some of you may have already begun to prepare for the season, ordering seeds through the mail, or even starting to grow some seeds.  By now, you’ve been contacted by Helen, and have indicated that you’ll be gardening at the Prescott Street Community Gardens.

Seed Exchange
If you are interested in participating in a seed exchange, please contact Judy Flora at flora@ns.sympatico.ca to sign up and/or obtain more information.

Presently, the garden is in a bit of a mess, and just about every aspect/area needs care.   However, we’ve come up with a plan that, with some team effort and good garden community spirit, we can get this garden functioning and “blooming” again.

During our meeting on January 21st, six committees were formed. We’ve provided a list of these committees below.  We feel that every aspect of the garden’s care is covered under these committees. During the season, work parties will be organized by the coordinators; and if we all pitch in, the work can get done easily and we’ll even have some fun!


  1. Grass
  2. Maintenance of Beds
  3. Compost
  4. Tools, Shed & Equipment
  5. Garbage & Green Bins
  6.  Borders & Community Beds

This is where you come in.  In order to achieve the goals, a solid commitment is needed from all gardeners.  Please take a few minutes, and decide which of the committee(s) you’d like sign up for. We’ve provided a link to the Membership Commitment, as a reminder of the expectations/commitments for your review.  https://prescottcommunitygarden.wordpress.com/membership-commitment/

The Annual General Meeting has been scheduled as follows: 

Date:  Wednesday, April 18th – 7:00 p.m.
Location:  Sobey’s, Windsor Street location
(Community Room) 2nd floor

Please bring the following with you:

Annual Fees ($25)
Committee(s) you want to join

As well, please note that two positions will be available for the 2018 /19 season:
Gardening Coordinator

Please consider running for either of these positions, and/or have in mind someone who you’d like to nominate.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to participate at the Prescott Street Community Garden, you’re in for a wonderful experience!  Many of the present gardeners have commented on the peace and enjoyment they feel at the garden, and the satisfaction of eating food that they have grown.

We look forward to seeing everyone there, and in the meantime, enjoy dreaming about your garden.


2017 AGM Board Minutes – Friday, April 21, 2017

Minutes of 2017 AGM meeting are available here.

2016 AGM Board Minutes – Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Minutes of 2016 AGM meeting are available here.

By-Laws and Board Position Descriptions

As discussed at AGM 2015 meetings, below are PSCG MOA and By-Laws approved in 2012 and Board position descriptions.

2015 Annual General Meeting

In anticipation of a spring season and planting we have planned for our next Annual General Meeting. Our first meeting of the new year!

Hopefully an agenda will soon be going out but this is the time for Registration and meeting with new and old gardeners.

Regards and see you on April 11th.

Sobeys on the corner of Windsor and North Streets
Community Room (upstairs)
Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 7pm
Please bring $25 membership fee (and $5 optional contingency fee)

2014 Annual General Meeting

2014 Annual General Meeting
Sobeys on the corner of Windsor and North Streets
Tuesday, April 8 7pm
Please bring $25 membership fee (and $5 optional contingency fee)

Give your plants a boost with comfrey tea fertilizer

Well, after several weeks of waiting, the comfrey tea fertilizer is finally ready to use! 

Comfrey tea is very new to me, but I’m excited to try it out. It’s fantastic that we can make such a powerful organic fertilizer at our own garden, for very little effort and absolutely zero cost! 

What I did was chop off several branches of the comfrey plant – a nice big bunch. In the future, I think I will just take the leaves – there is mixed information out there about using the stems. Then I dropped them in one of the rain barrels, covered them with plastic and fastened the plastic nice and tightly. It’s important to keep any additional rain out of the mix so that the barrel doesn’t overflow and waste the fertilizer. And I waited – It’s been about four weeks now, but anywhere from three to six weeks is recommended. 

And  now it’s ready! 

Here are some things to remember when you use the fertilizer: 

1. It’s important to dilute the fertilizer. You will want it to look like weak tea. Use approximately 1 part fertilizer to 1 part water. You can fill a watering can half way with fertilizer and then top up with water. If the fertilizer is too strong you will burn your plants.

2. Replace the cover on the fertilizer! This is extremely important. It should not be mistaken for plain water, and it’s important that rain water does not get into it and dilute it further.  

3. Apply as often as every two weeks, or as long as the supply lasts. Don’t over fertilize. 

For more reading about the wonders of comfrey and comfrey tea fertilizer, here are a few links: 




Herb Fair 2013

For those interested in growing, using, and loving herbs, you may be interested in this upcoming event:

“Planting Our Future – Preserving Our Native Plant Treasures”

Sunday, July 21, 2013, 9 am to 5 pm
Harriett Irving Botanical Gardens, 32 University Ave., Acadia University, Wolfville
Registration in lobby of lecture hall starts at 9 am.

Herb fair

Opening with a panel discussion on topic:
“Preserving Our Native Medicinals Through Creating Botanical Sanctuaries”

Workshops will include such topics as – permaculture practices, creating an herbarium, native plant propagation, and of course, a plant walk focussing on indigenous plants.
Presenters include Graham Calder, Cheendana, Jeanette Poirier, and others not yet confirmed.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at noon. All members welcome.
There will be an opening and closing ceremony and a giveaway.
There will also be a marketplace, and a penny auction.

Registration fee $40.00 for members and $65.00 for non-members.

Brown bag lunch, please. Herb tea will be available.
Please bring something for the giveaway.
Advance registrations may be mailed to: Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia (HANS), C/O Jeanette Poirier, P.O. Box 92, Blockhouse, NS, B0J1E0.

For more information, keep checking back on this page, or contact Jeanette Poirier,herbalwizdom@hotmail.com or tel. (902)531-3828.

A simple home soil test

Don’t know about you, but my soil knowledge is scant. This season I have a personal goal to learn more about soil, and how to create fertility from the ground up. Someone I know once told me “soil full of nutrients will make gardening a breeze!” If your plants have access to the right balance of nutrients, they will grow, and grow well.

So, I’m going to drag you all along for the ride, and share with you things I learn about soil.

I came across this simple home soil test. Try it out to get an idea of the acidity level of your soil. Then remedy as described. Ta da!